The last Utah Lake Summit was a huge success! We are so grateful for everyone who attended and especially for those who presented. We learned a lot about the current conditions of Utah Lake and how we are on a great track for recovery. I was inspired as I learned about the efforts to bring back the June Sucker from only 300 adult fish in the 1990s to over 30,000 today! We also learned about the work being done with the removal of invasive phragmites and how up to 80% of that biomass has been eliminated. 

In addition to these successes, several of the presenters discussed the role of nutrients like Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the lake ecosystem. These nutrients are attributed to be the culprits behind the harmful algal blooms that occur across Utah Lake. Scientists shared how nutrient inputs are being limited and algal bloom levels have actually stayed the same over the past decade, rather than increasing.

At the beginning of the Summit, we heard from a panel of state legislators who discussed the recent bills that were passed dealing with Utah Lake. These are HB240 and HB232. They shared how these bills were designed to aid the most beneficial restoration efforts and hinder proposals that would cause more harm than good. 

For those who were unable to attend live, we recorded the summit for you to watch whenever you have the time. The presentations given are great resources for sharing with others who may have questions about Utah Lake. They add to the growing list of reasons why it is so critical to prevent the dredging and development of our lake.