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June 3, 2022


Lake Restoration Solutions Serves Subpoena to Conserve Utah Valley


Conserve Utah Valley was served a subpoena in the SLAPP lawsuit filed against Ben Abbott PhD, a researcher on Utah Lake water quality and advocate for the Utah Lake ecosystem (Lake Restoration Solutions, LLC v. Benjamin Abbott, Case No. 220900164). 

An answer to the subpoena was delivered to the LRS legal team Thursday. The response included answers to some questions, but also cited multiple objections to a majority of items. The reason provided was that it created undue burden on CUV and ultimately was not relevant to the case against Abbott.

“We find it frustrating that LRS used the legal process to involve our organization in its lawsuit,” said Craig Chrstensen, Executive Director of CUV. “We try to work in good faith to bring more transparency and collaboration to solve issues surrounding the challenges facing Utah Lake. We wish the developers would focus on involving the public in their plans instead of using the law to antagonize those who want to participate.”

Conserve Utah Valley is working to educate, inform and foster knowledge about all of the efforts and successes currently underway for Utah Lake. The organization also advocated for sound public policy by working with the Legislators to modify requirements to transfer the lake to meet additional criteria, be open and transparent and reviewed by robust public process.

“We were disappointed,” said Christensen. “For an organization that seems unwilling to provide transparency about its plans and how it plans to profit, LRS seemed to have no qualms in trying to use its lawsuit to take a deep look into our organization.”

“The good people of Utah deserve to have such a beautiful natural resource treated with respect and care that we have not just for now, but for generations to come,” said Christensen.

Conserve Utah Valley has advocated to fundraise for Dr. Abbott’s legal defense fund and continues to work to raise money to assure that the very best outcome for Utah Lake is in the forefront. Learn more at: