Members of Conserve Utah Valley met with Mayor Michelle Kaufusi, at the Mayor’s request, in early January. She and other key leaders met with CUV to share the creation of the Hillside Task Force, a new group of Provo city department heads and leaders who are coming together to tackle problem areas that plague the Provo foothills and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. 

We were told that this Task Force will meet weekly to discuss and take action to solve issues where the environment has been damaged and where city policies and rules have been broken. Once a problem is resolved it will move off the agenda and a new issue will be addressed to completion. 

Conserve Utah Valley’s mission is to save land and water forever. We are grateful for the creation of this new Task Force which includes key department leaders, legal representation, a council member and other city employees in order to see a problem through to completion. This Task Force will make a great difference in protecting precious land, trails and access to trails for now and future generations. 

Good things are ahead for Provo’s foothills and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail! Thank you Provo City!