Representative Keven Stratton of Orem has introduced H.B. 32, Provo Canyon Resource Management Plan that would allow for the creation of a comprehensive recreation management plan for Provo Canyon. Provo Canyon holds some of our favorite trails and landmarks (have we talked about how much we love Bridal Veil Falls before?). The Resource Management Plan will engage the public and will prepare Provo Canyon for the increased use that is expected over the coming years.

We have worked with Representative Stratton on this much needed bill. We need you, our supporters, to express your support for Representative Stratton’s H.B. 32 to members of the House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee in two ways:

First: show up to the committee meeting on Tuesday, February 21st at 4 pm in room 30 of the House Building to voice your support for planning for our canyons. If you can’t make it to the Capitol, attend virtually! There will be a link to join the meeting on Zoom on the committee webpage where you can watch the meeting and, when H.B. 32 comes up, you can raise your Zoom hand and give public comment (here is a great guide provided by the state).

Second: write to the members of the committee! Just send a quick email asking them to support Representative Stratton’s H.B. 32 in their upcoming committee meeting.

Here are the committee member’s emails:

Rep. Jeffrey D. Stenquist – 

Rep. Mark A. Strong – 

Rep. Melissa G. Ballard – 

Rep. Joel K. Briscoe – 

Rep. Scott H. Chew – 

Rep. Paul Cutler – 

Rep. Brett Garner – 

Rep. Colin W. Jack – 

Rep. Mark A. Wheatley – 


Tips for contacting a member of this committee:

  • Make the subject line straightforward. Try something like: “Support H.B. 32 in Committee”
  • If you live in their district, let them know! Check here to see who represents you.
  • If you are not in the committee member’s district, let them know where you live in Utah and that you have a connection to Provo Canyon and want to ensure proper planning is in place.
  • Ask them to support Representative Stratton’s H.B. 32, Provo Canyon Resource Management Plan that would create a recreation management plan for Provo Canyon in their hearing on the Economic Development and Workforce Development Committee. (It is quite the mouthful, but the more specific you are, the better!)
  • Don’t forget to thank them!