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Utah Lake

Utah Lake is one of the largest and most productive freshwater lakes in the western U.S. This keystone ecosystem is the centerpiece of our community, providing critical habitat, abundant recreational opportunities, and invaluable ecosystem services such as removing pollution and creating local precipitation. In this time of dramatic change, we need evidence-based management and legislation to protect and restore this unique, beautiful, and dynamic lake. Visit for more information about the lake.

For information about the status of algal blooms at Utah Lake, visit this link.

We Have The Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

A coalition of Utah conservation groups, led by Conserve Utah Valley, has joined forces stop the development of Utah Lake.  We were successful in stopping the Lake Restoration Solutions project to dredge and build islands on the lake. Thank you for your support in protecting Utah Lake!

    CUV Podcast: Utah Lake Update


    HB 272 was repealed!

    Despite its environmental, cultural, and economic importance, our lake was in grave danger because of a law passed in 2018. The “Utah Lake Amendments” (H.B. 272) created a loophole that allowed the lakebed to be given to commercial developers. From 2018 to 2023, an LLC called “Lake Restoration Solutions” was attempting to build 20,000 acres of dredged islands and house 500,000 people on them. The state legislature gave this company a $10 million loan guarantee to subsidize their fundraising and permitting efforts (coverage here)

    State resources and taxpayer dollars should not be used to subsidize a real estate venture that claims to have billions lined up from foreign investors. The issues with H.B. 272 needed to be fixed to restore Utah Lake’s constitutional protection, ensuring Utah Lake is held in “public trust” in perpetuity for all Utahns, present and future.

    Because of that, we were thrilled to learn that H.B. 272 was repealed during the 2024 Utah State Legislative Session by Senator Mike McKell. This is the right step forward towards ensuring that Utah Lake remains protected and receives legitimate, science-based restoration.

    8 Reasons to Protect Utah Lake


    Gifting 20,000 acres of lakebed to a private developer would be the biggest government giveaway in Utah history.


    Despite false claims by the developers, Utah Lake is on the road to recovery thanks to hundreds of science-based restoration projects undertaken over the past 30 years. 


    The proposed project is 370-times larger than the largest freshwater dredging project ever completed and is almost certain to fail, leaving a huge environmental mess for Utah taxpayers to clean up.


    Utah Lake provides recreational opportunities, pollution removal, and increasing local precipitation, which contributes to our world-class skiing.


    Humans inhabiting islands in the lake would increase the levels of pollution that run into the lake.


    Thirty-five million migratory birds and ten million fish call Utah Lake home. Destroying this lake would disrupt wildlife throughout Utah and the western U.S.


    These islands would permanently deface our valley, destroying the view of the lake and compromising the natural hydrology and biology that make this lake so resilient.


    Dredging and building islands would alter the structure and chemistry of the lake, allowing increased light penetration which would actually increase algae growth.


    The Utah Lake Summit

    Rep. Keven Stratton and CUV held the Utah Lake Summit, on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022. This discussion covered the current Lake restoration efforts and progress, as well as what needs to be done to increase responsible, science-based restoration of the Lake for future generations.


    New Podcast on Utah Lake

    BYUradio recently published a new podcast episode on their Constant Wonder series. In it, the host interviews a variety of experts on Utah Lake to bring its challenges and successes to light. To listen to this episode, visit BYUradio.

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    LRS has officially dissolved

    Photo by Jared TamezConserve Utah Valley just received word that Lake Restoration Solutions, LLC (LRS) has been dissolved. While we are still waiting to see how this will affect the lawsuits they brought against Ben Abbott and the State, it is clear that LRS will not...

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    CUV Town Hall: Spanish Fork Inland Port

    We had a great turnout and an interesting discussion at our most recent Town Hall meeting on June 8th. We hosted it at the Spanish Fork Library which worked well for our event. Nearly 100 people showed up either in person or virtually to learn more about the proposed...

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