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CUV Town Hall–Feb 2023

Recreation Amendments–HB 32

IMPORTANT! Representative Keven Stratton of Orem has introduced H.B. 32, Provo Canyon Resource Management Plan that would allow for the creation of a comprehensive recreation management plan for Provo Canyon. Provo Canyon holds some of our favorite trails and...

Updates on the Provo Hillside Task Force

Members of Conserve Utah Valley met with Mayor Michelle Kaufusi, at the Mayor’s request, in early January. She and other key leaders met with CUV to share the creation of the Hillside Task Force, a new group of Provo city department heads and leaders who are coming...

Bonneville Shoreline Trail Updates

On December 12 a bill passed the House of Representatives that would remove 326.27 acres of land from the wilderness system in the Uintah-Wasatch-Cache National Forest along the Bonneville Shoreline. This would allow the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to be extended in...

Utah Lake Commission vs Utah Lake Authority

If you’ve been following the Utah Lake drama then you’ve probably heard of the Utah Lake Authority and the Utah Lake Commission but might be wondering, what’s the difference? The Utah Lake Commission recently published a podcast episode on a few differences between...

Update on CUV meeting with all ULA members

Upon the establishment of the Utah Lake Authority (ULA), Conserve Utah Valley members met with all ULA board members to introduce CUV, offer assistance with initiatives, and call for transparency and public involvement. We met with ULA members and learned about them...

Letter to Provo Mayor and City Council about Critical Hillside Overlay Zone Violations

October 12, 2022 Mayor Kaufusi and Council Members, As you know, our group and many other citizens have been concerned about losing open space in the Provo foothills for some time now. We are grateful for your efforts to work with us to save precious open space in...

Utah Lake and Sovereign Lands: Update from FFSL upholds the preservation of both

August 17th was a winning day for Utah Lake. We have been fighting hard to protect the integrity of the lake from being tarnished by those who wish to build and develop islands. Utah Lake is an ecological masterpiece that deserves our time, attention, and respect. ...

Press Release: Utah Lake Island Proposal Lacks Scientific Evidence and Deemed Unconstitutional in State Report to Legislative Committee

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Provo, UtahThursday, August 18, 2022 Contacts: Craig Christensen, Executive Director for CUV 801-361-6200 Patrick Belmont Professor and Head of Department of Watershed Sciences at USU 435-374-8574 Carol-Lyn Jardine, Marketing...

Overwhelming public response shows people do not want islands on Utah Lake

Background: Lake Restoration Solutions, the company proposing the world’s largest dredged island project on Utah Lake, recently released the results of a poll that found 2/3rds of Utah County residents supported their project. As a group of citizens who have been...

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CUV Podcast: Utah Lake Update

CUV’s 2022 Focus: Don’t Pave Utah Lake

In the arid, high-dessert of Utah Valley, Utah Lake is critical to our climate and a feature that makes this mountain valley one of a kind. As stewards of this precious resource, it’s up to all of us to commit to long-term, responsible restoration of the lake. Check out our podcast for more information on the issues surrounding Utah Lake and steps that you can take to help.


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